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New Initiatives and Challenges in Europe 

The New Initiatives and Challenges in Europe (NICE) Network is an inter-university network consists of over 30  partner institutions from 21 countries in the Enlarged Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia. The idea to create this network was born in 1992 when 12 Higher Education Institutions from 5 EU member states assembled at IPAG in Nice, France, to apply for ERASMUS funding. When the EU changed their policy in support of bilateral links in 1996, the NN group decided to carry on working together and to enlarge the network to further EU member states and partner countries. The network has grown continually over the past two decades. Its members meet annually to exchange ideas, develop joint projects, conduct multilateral research programmes and forge long-term partnerships for their students.

Principles and Guidelines
The members of the NICE Network are  committed to the Bologna and Lisbon conventions. They share underpinning values and and quality criteria. All participating institutions subscribe to a jointly agreed a Quality Charter which ensures that all members accept and implement Erasmus+ as well as ECTS quality standards in their home institutions.
The network is open for new members.  Candidates can apply for membership before  each annual conference where they present their institution. The NN members present decide on the application during the meeting. If a country is already represented in the NICE network,  the members of the applicant’s country also vote on the integration of a new member.