Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)

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One of France’s leaders in higher education
Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is one of France’s leaders in higher education and research. It is a comprehensive, global university, which enrolls about 45,000 students each year in its high-quality academic programmes, and maintains 80 research centres in all disciplines. UGA is an international leader in both pure and applied research. It also benefits from a uniquely innovative setting. Our researchers enjoy ties to a thriving local community of international businesses and industry, particularly in scientific and high-tech fields. We are also able to collaborate with major European research facilities located in and around Grenoble to produce outstanding results.

International partnerships
UGA is also proud to work with over 650 academic partners in 80 different countries to provide high-quality international teaching, learning and research. It sustains a wide variety of international exchanges allowing students, faculty and staff to enrich their educational experience, to exchange knowledge and best practices and to strengthen international ties between individuals and institutions in research, teaching and learning.

One of the students’ favourite universities
UGA is located in Grenoble, an international city and a wonderful place to live, work, and study. Nestled in the Alps, Grenoble enjoys an incomparable natural setting, with opportunities for sports lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Student surveys, for the past ten years, have consistently placed Grenoble in the top 3 cities for students. Combining the conveniences of a mid-sized city with an extraordinary mountain setting, Grenoble offers culture, nightlife, sports, and more. Grenoble is also a hub of innovation, employing thousands of people in research, technology, and international business

About IUT2/ GEA (the business administration department) which is a member of the NICE network:

One of the faculties of UGA is called Institut Universitaire de Technologie 2 (IUT2). It is the institute for applied sciences of UGA. It comprises 8 departments in the field of Social Sciences including the GEA department. Over 3,000 students a year are taught social sciences by the 185 lecturers and 420 field experts of IUT2

The Gestion des Entreprises et des Administrations (GEA) Department of IUT2 Grenoble is the Business Administration department of IUT 2. It is one of the most attractive undergraduate Business Administration schools in France. It offers high-quality vocational programmes to 350 students each year and has excellent reputation with local companies. It has a long history of international academic partnerships (over 40 years) and a wealth of experience in international student and faculty projects.