Riga Technical University

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Erasmus CodeLV RIGA02
Erasmus Charta67827

Brief description
RTU is an accredited, internationally recognized European level university offering high-class academic and professional study programmes. Every year the University is graduated by highly qualified specialists and wonderful personalities.

The students body in full-time and parttime studies is about 17 000 persons. If compared with other higher schools, we have the biggest number of state budget financed study places (more than 7 000).

The graduates of our University are many prominent specialists, high-class professionals and researchers.

Our principal goal is to provide the Latvian national economy with qualified human resources for its stable growth and development. We work with our students sharing our knowledge, skills and experience as well as try to communicate to them also the spirit of zealous search for the new – the spirit of investigation, the desire to stretch their minds, invent and innovate.

The development of the world is generally propelled by the skill to create things. Who else can influence the course of events but us – people whose work makes buildings attain their form, electrical current flow in the wires, heavy ships glide on the surface of water and air planes fly high in the sky like birds?